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Be sure to don't forget to respond to and – if correct – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which center on the nominator won't have an affect on the result of the nomination. Thanks!

כל שאר הבנות הורידו את הידיים שלהן, וג'יימס צחקק למחשבה על כמה פעמים הוא עשה שפם.

Wikimedia Commons normally takes copyright violations quite critically and persistent violators is going to be blocked from editing.

"אנחנו עוד נגלה מי זה," אמרה לילי בקול קריר וקצת מרושע לטעמו של ג'יימס. "וכשנגלה, הו, אני מבטיחה לך –" ג'יימס חשב שלילי הולכת לומר שהן ירצחו אותה או משהו לפי הנימה שלה, " – אנחנו נשדך אתכם. סוף סיפור!"

For prospective Thoughts, right after W, which im guessing you are going to subsequent, you could possibly do the 1 on Andy Kaufmann (Tony Clifton), a Jewish-American comic, or modify cursive so that it's in hebrew cursive. that will be an interesting twist

This type of studying also traces the oppressive foci that perpetuate women's marginality and reification, for instance, traditional heterosexual coupledom that imposes on Girls a life of wives inferior for their husbands and bound to household treatment. An additional illustration differs social preparations, like the lawful procedure, Launched on legal guidelines produced by and for men and not referring to the female viewpoint; Similarly the financial program, which makes sure the retention of economic assets within the male market and dictates During this light feminine requirements and a range of Ladies's functions of survival to gain use of financial sources[3].

Remember to increase the necessary information for this and also other files you may have uploaded prior to incorporating much more documents. If you need aid, make sure you check with at the help desk. Thanks!

Is usually a sin still a sin when you don’t comprehend it’s a sin? Basically, when you never ever realized that killing was Incorrect, is it continue to a sin to take action?

מה תחשבו על מורה שקיעקע את השם של בן הזוג שלו במקום בולט?

"אני רוצה לספר לך משהו. את מבטיחה לא לספר לג'יימס?" אמרה לילי לפתע. ג'יימס הנהן, אך הסמיק מבושה.

Many thanks for the e-mail regarding this. I'm sorry however which i'm not more info inclined to undelete this. I'd hope by given that you'd probably recognise that deletion conversations are in no way simply just votes so the quantity of votes isn't the only deciding component. Staying completely displayed in a very community location was just one concern. One other relates to what artwork is effective are permitted underneath the exemption. The argument offered that paintings could well be permitted through the exemption is just not convincing, notably in mild of Presenti comments, manufactured following the vast majority of that deletion dialogue, that "an artistic operate established for artistc goal is not at all utilized art ( e.

Thanks a lot for contributing to your Wikimedia Commons! Here's a idea to create your uploads extra helpful: Why don't you include some types to explain them? This may support more people to uncover and make use of them.

Note that any unsourced and untagged photographs will likely be deleted one particular 7 days after they are uploaded, as described on requirements for quick deletion.

If you designed this file, please Observe that The truth that it's been proposed for deletion isn't going to always imply that we do not benefit your variety contribution. It just means that a person man or woman believes that there's some distinct difficulty with it, for instance a copyright problem.

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